Lego Mindstorms Rubik’s Cube Solver Robot

I’m still surprised by the computing power of the Mindstorms NXT Brick. This video is a good example for that: Just with the NXT processor and no help from an external computer this little fellow solves a Rubik’s Cube – remember that little puzzle cube that drove people in the 80ies crazy?

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Mindstorms Spider: The NXTAPOD

This is a really nice build that was created by Daniele Benedettelli: the NXTAPOD. A Lego Mindstorms spider robot that is able to make turns and best of all, it uses only one motor. The secret? A clutch mechanism, easy and effective.

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3rd party sensors for the NXT

Update: Instead of writing new posts when I find a new sensor, I decided to create a page for all Lego Mindstorms Sensors. Go to that page for the most up to date list of sensors.

If you purchased a Mindstorms Set you’re probably familiar with the “standard” Lego Mindstorms NXT sensors: the Ultrasonic Sensor, the color detector, the touch sensors and also the rotation sensors in the motors. But do you know that there are a few companies that create sensors that work with the NXT? I searched and found a good amount of new sensors to play with.
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Remote control the NXT with an iPhone

Someone send me a link to a new site of a group that claims to work on an iPhone software that remote controls the Mindstorms NXT. I assume they use Bluetooth for the communication between the phone and the NXT. There’s not that much to see on Kleekbots (that’s the name of the site) but they have a sign up field. I left my email address – let’s see how far they come.
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