Lego Mindstorms Rubik’s Cube Solver Robot

I’m still surprised by the computing power of the Mindstorms NXT Brick. This video is a good example for that: Just with the NXT processor and no help from an external computer this little fellow solves a Rubik’s Cube – remember that little puzzle cube that drove people in the 80ies crazy?

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Mindstorms Spider: The NXTAPOD

This is a really nice build that was created by Daniele Benedettelli: the NXTAPOD. A Lego Mindstorms spider robot that is able to make turns and best of all, it uses only one motor. The secret? A clutch mechanism, easy and effective.

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3rd party sensors for the NXT

Update: Instead of writing new posts when I find a new sensor, I decided to create a page for all Lego Mindstorms Sensors. Go to that page for the most up to date list of sensors.

If you purchased a Mindstorms Set you’re probably familiar with the “standard” Lego Mindstorms NXT sensors: the Ultrasonic Sensor, the color detector, the touch sensors and also the rotation sensors in the motors. But do you know that there are a few companies that create sensors that work with the NXT? I searched and found a good amount of new sensors to play with.
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Remote control the NXT with an iPhone

Someone send me a link to a new site of a group that claims to work on an iPhone software that remote controls the Mindstorms NXT. I assume they use Bluetooth for the communication between the phone and the NXT. There’s not that much to see on Kleekbots (that’s the name of the site) but they have a sign up field. I left my email address – let’s see how far they come.
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Lego Mindstorms Programming Languages

Using the programming GUI NXT-G that came with our Mindstorms package for a while now I was wondering what other programming languagues or environments are available to create programs for the Mindstorms NXT. Using the GUI is fun and easy to understand for someone who enters the robotic world but you reach your limits at one point. So what comes next?
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Accelerate Mindstorms Motors

If you use the standard Lego Mindstorms GUI to program your NXT, you will find yourself at one point limited. The other day, I was playing with a simple car type construction and was looking for a way to actually accelerate the car slowly from zero to maximum speed. There is no standard function in the Lego NXT Software, you have to get creative.

Acceleration block for Lego Mindstorms NXT
Acceleration block for Lego Mindstorms NXT

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